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I have been asked to write a little about what is going to happen this our centenary year, with regards to the Middlesex Bowling Association (Women's Section).


I was nominated by Staines to become this year's President of the Middlesex Bowling Association (Women's Section), which means that I have the honour to host a couple of County games. One is my President's Day where I invite all the delegates of the Women's Section to have a fun day, where I thank the delegates and representatives of the clubs for all the work they do throughout the year. Hopefully we will be able to have a raffle, a spider and a fun game of bowls.

The other game is my guests against the Benevolent Society, who keep in touch with the elderly, unwell and bereaved members of the Association, and give them appropriate cards, gifts and support.


During my year as President I have nominated the Alzheimer’s Society as my charity and would appreciate any donations, as we all know how it can devastate people’s lives and those close to them.
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Everyone is welcome to come and support these events – I would appreciate a few volunteers to help in the preparation, running and clearing up on these days.
The President's Day is 29th June 2019 .

The Benevolent Day is the 27th July 2019 .
I shall look forward to seeing you there.
Dot Stanners
Middlesex Bowling Association (Women's Section)

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