• Our season's fixtures are here.
  • Club Night is on Mondays - the bar will be open and you can come in and have a chat and a drink, play shortmat or darts! No charge.
  • We also play shortmat most Fridays from 2-4. Tea and biscuits will be provided. £2.

Important dates 2023

  • The online fixtures calendar to be found here will show the latest status of planned fixtures up to two months ahead.  These will also be shown on the internal Bookings Calendar.
  • You can sign up for the matches below on the Booking Calendar (address advised by email) or on the paper team sheets in the clubhouse.
  • Latest fixtures - this year's indoor fixtures ...
  • Sunday, 29 October⋅14:00     Wey Valley Indoor A W Mixed
  • Saturday, 18 November⋅14:00      Hounslow Indoor A W Mixed:4T
  • Sunday, 3 December⋅14:00     Cambridge Park Indoor A W
  • An extra fixture this season -
  • Saturday, 20 January 2024⋅14:00     Wey Valley IBC A W
  • Saturday, 17 February 2024⋅14:15      Egham IBC A W 
  • Sunday, 17 March 2024⋅14:00  (tbc)    Bishop Duppas (at King George Field IBC) A W 
  • Sunday, 7 April 2024⋅14:00       Hounslow Indoor A W Mixed:4T

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