Various coaching sessions are held through the season to help everyone to improve their game.

Below is some information about the sessions on offer - to sign up, watch the noticeboards, or ask Mike.

Coaching sessions

Overview of content

Four sessions covering the range of skills needed to improve your bowling. Attendance at all four sessions is required.
Week 1  - The bowling mind-set, completing a cockpit drill, checking bowling action, understanding the draw.
Week 2 - Become competent in drawing to the jack both forehand or backhand
Week 3 -  Learn the difference in weight and line between drawing and wresting
Week 4 - 16 bowl challenge, Drawing to the jack "around" exercises

An introduction to what you need to be able to mark a bowls match. Marking is needed for singles matches, mainly in competitions. It covers the duties of the marker, but also gives a good background in the various laws of the sport regarding what affects play and the results of ends. For anyone who may need to mark a match (covers most people!).

This covers situations when a little more weight is needed in the delivery than a simple draw, for instance to move a wood/woods or the jack. For anyone who finds themself playing in singles or pairs games, or in non-lead positions.

If you are playing at 2 or 3 (in triples or rinks respectively), reading the head is vital to give good advice to your skip. Skips need to know this too. 

  • Current planned dates (all sessions 1 hour approx) - check on the noticeboard or with Mike for availability:
  • Reminder of bowls basics - TBA
  • Marking - TBA
  • Controlled Weight - TBA
  • Head Reading - TBA

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